We use up-to-date software to prepare your payroll checks on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. You can rest assured that we do accurate deductions so you do not need to worry about knowing the correct percentages. We do the payroll computations, print your checks, prepare the appropriate IRS, Michigan Sales/Use/Withholding, Michigan Unemployment (UIA), and city (Detroit, etc.) forms, and electronically file your returns and pay your tax bills. Late fees, penalties, and interest can add up quickly. Each of these government entities also requires year-end reports. We know if you need to complete the 940, 941, and/or 944 for the IRS. We will prepare these forms in a timely and accurate manner.

Do you need to prepare and distribute W-2s, 1099’s or K-1’s? Let us handle those for you as well.
Do you collect Michigan Sales Tax for the items you sell? Some items or customers may be tax exempt. Many businesses must collect Use Tax instead of Sales Tax. Knowing if you should be collecting Use Tax or Sales Tax, and if purchases are taxable or tax-exempt, is often confusing. Let us help you be sure you are handling these taxes correctly.

The State of Michigan now requires businesses to pay and track their Sales Tax, Use Tax, and Withholding Tax using the MTO (Michigan Treasury Online) system. We are experienced in setting up businesses on MTO and tracking your returns and payments. We realize that some people are just not tech savvy and would prefer that someone else handle these matters and we are happy to do this for you.

We can wrap it all up for you at the end of your fiscal year by completing annual reports and e-filing your personal and business income tax returns.