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It’s tough to know the most up-to-date information about your taxes – what can and cannot be deducted? You won’t be in the dark when our trusted professionals help you take advantage of nuanced tax opportunities that will help you and your business thrive.

Learn more when you click on the links. Each season your understanding will accumulate. You’ll become an expert, too.

We can help you navigate complicated tax law and develop an accurate position analysis for your business. Your tax, accounting, and bookkeeping needs will be taken care of by people who care about your success. With over 40 years of experience, Greg LaVier can assist you with your small business and personal tax needs.

We are never “closed for the summer”. Don’t deal with IRS or other tax notices on your own. We are open year round to provide any support you may need.

Tax Tips

Small Business Owners • Summer 2017

  • Your Company Picnic: Employee Gatherings May Be Tax Deductible
  • Gift Giving: Are The Costs Deductible?
  • Reimbursing Employees For Business Expenses
  • Home Office Expenses: Are You Taking All Available Deductions?
  • Request Form W-9 Before Payment: The Info You’ll Need To File Form 1099-MISC

Keeping You Informed • Summer 2017

  • Are You Withholding The Right Amount? Receiving A Tax Bill Or Huge Refund?
  • Contributing To A Retirement Plan Can Save You Money
  • Other Tax-Saving Options
  • Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
  • Reasons To Stick With A Tax Pro

Keeping You Informed • Winter 2016

  • The Rise of Identity Theft and Tax Scams: How to avoid being a victim.
  • The Advance Premium Tax Credit
  • IRS Relaunches IP PIN Tool
  • Eligibility Requirements for Two Popular Tax Credits
  • IRS To Delay Certain Refunds
  • Paying Your Taxes in Cash

Small Business Edition • Winter 2016

  • Protecting Your Business From Scams: Fraudulent activity is on the rise.
  • Top Tax Scams
  • Independent Contractors and Taxes
  • Health Care Tax Credit
  • Understanding the ACA
  • Employer Mandate Penalties
  • Business Tax Due Dates for 2016 Returns